Your partner for large series of CNC-turning parts

Marvo Technologies BV produces customized serial CNC-turning parts with the latest computer-controlled lathes and CNC Swiss type lathes.

  • ✓ Our efficiency is your advantage
  • ✓ Our quality gives you certainty
  • ✓ Our flexibility is gives you reliability

Marvo has years of experience in production of mass turning, large series of CNC-turning and precision turned parts. Complex design is no problem for our CAD-CAM software. We produce large batches turned parts with a diameter of 1 to 65 mm from various machinable materials such as aluminium, cutting steel, stainless steel, brass, plastics, quality steels and special alloys. Above Ø65mm, we produce small and medium series. Milling is done in combination with other operations on the CNC machine. We work for renowned customers in Europe and you can find our manufactured parts for example in products of KTM motorcycles and ASML. We are familiar with PPAP, EMPB, VDA standards IMDS and REACH. Our know-how and production facilities make it possible to flexibly respond to the needs and wishes of our customers. Experience the quality, service and certainty of Marvo Technologies Ltd.


Why Marvo

Marvo has been expanding its know-how as supplier of serial CNC machining and mass turning since 1947. Marvo has developed itself into a modern and reliable industrial supplier. It has a modern industrial building with very modern production facilities and well trained staff.

Solid organisation

Solid organisation

A solid organisation with quality assurance, OHS, environmental, logistic and ERP-systems.
modern production technology

modern cnc-technology

Modern swissturn lathes, fast CNC-lathes with milling possibilities, up to date CAD-CAM software.
well trained staff

well trained staff

well trained staff, know-how, newest technology
reliable supplier

reliable supplier

timely and correct deliveries, competitive pricing and products that meet your specifications.
Quick Response

Quick Response

Quick answers to your questions. Fast throughput. Large series in a short time

Our team

Excellent staff training

We work for you with an enthusiastic, motivated team of specialists in CNC machining. Every year, our employees try to develop their skills further in their profession, technology and quality. We like to keep track of new technologies and developments. Each year we raise the bar.

Accredited Learning Company

Marvo is a recognized training company with experienced and qualified practical trainers in CNC machining. Educating is for us a fun way to acquire inquisitive and motivated workforce. Many students start working for us after their education. Students have a fresh look on the company and take recent knowledge and new insights with them. By training students, we contribute to the future of craftsmanship.


We know Marvo as a company that takes care of us and where we have nothing to worry about.
customers about Marvo
“For decades there has been an intensive and successful cooperation between Rioned and Marvo. This cooperation focuses on the product “spring machines”, including parts and accessories for that product. Therefore Marvo is one of the top three suppliers of Rioned, also based in Tilburg. Marvo offers a number of core values that are important for us such as high quality products, high reliability and active thinking. And all in a very pleasant working atmosphere.
For Rioned Marvo is: “Much more than just a supplier”